Links are connections.  Author links, writing links, industry links, links that lead you to other links, links like intersecting veins in a birch leaf, like a smuck of jellyfish (look it up!) with all their tentacles ( - wait a minute now, I did say tentacles - ) umm, with all their tentacles trailing about in the water, sometimes idly snagging on something, sometimes entangling a neighbor, sometimes happily grasping a delicious grunion...
...where was I?

Links.  Some of what I have listed will interest you.  Some of what I have listed only interests me.  Figger out which is which, and use what you will.

For some of my favorite AUTHOR SITES, go here.
For POETRY, go there.
For IRRELEVANT ZOOPLANKTON, go 300 ft deeper.


SCBWI - Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators
If you are serious about being published in children's literature, you must become a member of SCBWI!  The organization is a fantastic source of Everything You Need to Know about getting published.  Or getting published some more.  Conferences, critiquenics, workshops, contests, publishing house info, literary agencies, etc. And with all the connections and friendly people involved, you'd just be a silly person not to be part of us!

AS IF!  - Authors Supporting Intellectual Freedom
This site informs and gives out huzzahs for those who fight censorship, particularly in books for teens.

fAiRy GoDsIsTeRs, iNk
A small, benevolent squadron of Santa Barbara children's book authors who believe in the magic of passing forward lucky breaks, bounty and beneficence, as so many have done for us. (Yes, I am one of the sisters!)  Offering a fairy-dusted scholarship for the SCBWI Summer Conference in L.A.!

IndieBound - Independent Booksellers
Support your independent booksellers!  Find a local independent bookstore, purchase gift cards, get information about how the independents run.

Viking Children's Books


Find Poetry
Look up a poem!

Merlyn's Pen
All kinds of writing by American teens.

Poetry Forms and Terminology
Researching different poetry forms.


Some of My Favorite Authors of Novels in Verse:

Sonya Sones

Jacqueline Woodson

Patricia McCormick

Ellen Hopkins

Some of My Favorite Plain 'Ol Novel Authors (not in verse):

Kathleen Duey

Cynthia Leitich Smith

Stephenie Meyer

Philip Pullman

Neal Shusterman

Name Droppin' (authors/illustrators I know on a personal level):

Ellen Jensen Abbott

Jay Asher

Dan Hanna

Mary Hershey

Valerie Hobbs

Siri Weber Feeney

R. L. LaFevers

Lee Wardlaw


Shrinking Violet Promotions
Marketing for introverts with M. Hershey and R. LaFevers.

Interviews, resources, and news in children's and young adult lit.

Lisa Yee
The latest happenings in the life of humor of author Lisa Yee.

Harold Underdown - The Purple Crayon Blog
Questions about children's publishing answered by editor Harold Underdown.

Write locally, link globally!

Buy and sell all things handmade.

USGS Earthquake Map
I love to keep track - this link is for California, but you can find your neighborhood, as well.

Folding Trees
Paper craft - this site compiles the best tutorials and paper creations online.

The Best Whisper is a Click
Positive reinforcement horse training with Peggy Hogan, and some great YouTube videos of her miniature horses in action.

Ideal Bite
Small ways to go green on a daily basis, with subjects ranging from shampoo to cell phones.

USA Volleyball
Indoor, grass, beach, Olympic, rules, news, everything volleyball!

Nicole Strasburg - fine art
Nicole is a wonderful friend and artist who works in oils on birch panel, and I want three or four of her large pieces for my house, if anyone's looking to get me a nice present.  Thanks.

Squelch on over to my blog for poetry, photography, and character experimentation! 

Epiphany's Voice